Alison Engelbrecht
Vice-Principal: Academic - Varsity College

Alison Engelbrecht

  Vice-Principal: Academic - Varsity College

  B.Ed Honours, HDE Finance

Topics Covered By Speaker:

  • Emotional Wellness and Stress Management
  • Empowerment
  • Leadership
  • Organisational Culture and Team Building

About Speaker

B.Ed Honours, HDE Finance
Vice-Principal: Academic – Varsity College

Allison is a lecturer and Vice-Principal at Varsity College. She is passionate about encouraging and linking entrepreneurially minded women. Allison is involved in business, she is an educator, and a maverick in her approach to life.

Speakers Topics

1. Working professional and home slave.

Men and women find themselves in leadership, management and decision- making roles in the workplace.  When they go home they become “slaves” to their spouse/partner and/or children and to the demands of pressures outside of work.  How can men and women be appreciated, both at work and at home?

2. Dictatorial Bitch or Managing Fe“male”

When a woman makes an unpopular decision, is she a bitch or trying to wear the pants? Why are decisions made by women perceived so negatively? Do women decision-makers have to become more like men?

3. Staff – asset or liability?

Are staff employed as workers or are they entrepreneurs who are part of the asset base?  Staff is possibly the most current asset that any organisation can have – why are they not viewed as non-current assets (i.e. long-term assets). Return on investment in staff and customer service can make or break the organisation and the team.

4. Personal branding underpinning business brand

Encouraging personal branding and social footprint to be in line with the workplace ethic.

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