Alistair Mork-Chadwick
Counselling Psychologist & Training Facilitator

Alistair Mork-Chadwick

  Counselling Psychologist & Training Facilitator

  MA Counselling Psychology

Topics Covered By Speaker:

  • Emotional Wellness and Stress Management
  • Empowerment
  • Mindfulness and Motivation
  • Organisational Culture and Team Building
  • Parenting

About Speaker

Counselling Psychologist
Training Facilitator

Alistair is a psychologist and training facilitator as well as a husband and a father of two children. He has spent his professional life talking and listening to people from all walks of life – from unemployed individuals to members of international organisations. He has lived, studied and worked in South Africa and abroad. All his roles involve interacting with people, making sense of complex information and helping individuals and groups to implement lasting, positive change. Alistair incorporates the latest scientific research findings, especially those dealing with a mindful approach to living, building emotional literacy, and career decision-making, into his practice.

Speakers Topics

1. Managing stress more effectively (with Mindfulness)

This topic is offered as a 50-minute presentation, and focuses on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). The key focus is on how it is possible to engage with stress, anxiety and other negative feelings in a counter-intuitive, but highly effective manner. Attention is given to possibilities for learning to hold unwanted emotions and thoughts in one’s awareness without getting carried away, feeling overwhelmed, and/or avoiding them.

2. Managing the transition to retirement

This presentation is offered as a once-off four-hour workshop or as two separate two-hour workshops (with a week in between). This workshop is designed for individuals who are about to enter retirement. Many people are taken by surprise at the high levels of uncertainty, anxiety and unhappiness they experience during this period of dramatic change. They are very keen to explore the various options that exist with regard to their future as a retired person. The talk gives participants an opportunity to gain knowledge of the process of change, learn about approaches to coping with one’s new life situation, and interact with others who share similar concerns and experiences.

3. Understanding and managing Clinical Depression

This topic is offered as a 50-minute presentation. It focuses on Clinical Depression, a poorly understood yet increasingly common mental health problem, believed to afflict up to 25% of the population. Attention is given to all of the following sub-topics: 1. Symptoms of Clinical Depression; 2. Causes; 3. Treatment options; 4. How to support someone who is experiencing Clinical Depression.

4. Building the emotional literacy of our children

This presentation is for all parents and caregivers of children. It focuses attention on three simple, yet critical, techniques that we should use in order to build our children’s emotional literacy while, at the same time, strengthening our relationships with them.

5. Managing oneself for constructive workplace relationships

This presentation is offered as a once-off four-hour workshop or as two separate two-hour workshops (with a week in between). It aims to build an individual’s ability to handle thorny work relationships in a constructive manner and deal with situations of confrontation and conflict, whilst strengthening relationships. This workshop also gives staff an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and of their emotional habits. This includes those which could lead to unresolved conflict, feelings of resentment, and destructive interactions in the workplace. This workshop is intended for individuals at all levels within an organisation. It leads to the positive management of relationships with colleagues and clients. It ensures productivity and the creation of a culture where all are able to develop to their full potential.

6. ‘Sexuality education’: Helping to keep our kids safe from sexual abuse.

This presentation is for all parents and caregivers of young children and is based upon research which indicates that ‘sexuality education’, involving ongoing, open and honest parent-child discussions, does not encourage sexual activity. Rather, well-informed children feel confident to talk with their parents about sexually inappropriate behavior of others. Well-informed children are also able to make better decisions regarding sex and sexuality when they feel that no subjects are considered taboo at home. This presentation helps parents/caregivers feel more competent in engaging their children in discussions around sex, sexuality, what is acceptable and what is not. This presentation provides answers to the following questions: 1. Why should we engage our children in ‘sexuality education’? 2. When should we provide our children with sexuality education? 3. What should we be discussing with our children with regard to sex and sexuality?

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