Dylan Evans
M.A. (Clin. Psych.)

Dylan Evans

  Clinical Psychologist

  M.A. (Clin. Psych.)

Topics Covered By Speaker:

  • Emotional Wellness and Stress Management
  • Technology

About Speaker

Clinical Psychologist

Dylan is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice. He enjoys helping people grow by developing a deeper and more compassionate understanding of themselves, their emotions, desires and relationships. Dylan also loves to escape to the great outdoors and tinker with technology.

Speakers Topics

1. Backup Your Data: Easy and free solutions to make sure you don’t lose your important digital stuff

Ever lost your data when your hard drive crashes or your laptop/phone gets stolen? Make sure you never lose your data again. This talk will introduce a number of free and easy solutions that you can use to backup your data automatically and make sure it is available anywhere and anytime.

2. Using technology to work collaboratively

Ever got frustrated with those never-ending email threads when working on a project together? Google docs, sheets, slides and forms are really powerful tools that you can use to work on projects together. This talk will introduce the basics of using these tools.

3. Understanding the Midlife Crisis

The Midlife crisis is a developmental phase that can often wreak havoc in our lives and those we are close to. It is often characterised by a deep dissatisfaction with our lives and a desire to change everything quickly. This presentation will help you understand what is happening in this stage and help you to harness its potential.

4. Loss and grief

Loss and grief are one of the most painful and inevitable human experiences. This talk will explore the process of grief and help you understand what is happening psychologically, what to expect, and also provide some tips to help with healing.



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