Voice Coach, Poet and Playwright

Louise Anne Buchler

  Voice Coach, Poet and Playwright

  BA English, BA Drama and Performance, BA Hons Drama in Performance/Gender, MA Drama and Performance

Topics Covered By Speaker:

  • Activity
  • Communication
  • Empowerment
  • Leadership

About Speaker

Voice Coach, Poet and Playwright

Louise is a Pietermaritzburg based Playwright, Poet and Actress who has lectured in Drama and Performance Studies for 11 years. Her areas of expertise are Voice Training, Directing, Acting, Scriptwriting, Shock Theatre and Performance Art. Her work has been performed at both the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown and The Hilton Arts Festival. Louise has had her poetry published locally and abroad. She made the top twenty list of Playwrights in Africa for the National Theatre of London’s “African Playwriting” competition and is currently Associate Editor of the British Literary Journal: Tears in the Fence. Louise’s interests include Japanese theatre, Feminist Literature, Body Activism, Stand-up Comedy and The Abramovic Method.

Speakers Topics

1. The right to speak and be heard

A talk dealing with the facets of voice and how these impact the ways in which we communicate and are perceived. This talk challenges the way we think about our voices, and asks its participants to consider their own relationship with the voice. It addresses how various, often learned habits, influence the way in which we speak and are heard. The aim is to make participants think differently about their own voices and means of communication, and helps to identify problem areas which can be improved upon.

2. Freeing the natural voice

An introduction to basic voice techniques to improve the ways in which we communicate. This workshop will explore basic exercises in relaxation, breathing, resonance, projection and articulation that will aid participants to identify and begin to free the natural voice, and to improve the ways in which they communicate and are heard. These exercises can then be practiced on a daily basis to improve the overall quality of the voice.

3. Voice training for professionals and public speakers

These workshops are designed for individuals or small focus groups of participants who require assistance in improving their confidence in public speaking/engagement. Problem areas will be identified and participants will be introduced to voice training techniques to assist in improving their vocal quality and aiding confidence in situations that require public speaking or community engagement.

4. StoryArt

This workshop series aims to demystify the storytelling process and provide a forum for employees to become clear, confident, engaging storytellers. Each workshop focuses on the use of storytelling to develop personal narratives, build confidence, community and understanding, and improve communication and listening skills. Narratives will be explored and developed through mind mapping, improvisation techniques and creative writing. The outcome will see each participant learn how to craft a story and communicate it in an engaging and memorable way. This particular workshop works best as a series of three sessions – giving participants enough time to explore and construct personal narratives using a variety of techniques.

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