Julie Forsyth

Julie Forsyth


  MTech: Chiropractic

Topics Covered By Speaker:

  • Activity
  • Emotional Wellness and Stress Management
  • Physical Wellbeing

About Speaker


Julie is a Chiropractor from Hilton and forms part of a multi-disciplinary team. She graduated from DUT after completing a masters degree thesis in the study of Tension-Type headaches. Outside of her professional life, Julie is an avid horse rider and a mum to two.

Speakers Topics

1. Straighten Up: Postural Ergonomics

Julie discusses posture in the workplace and demonstrates how poor posture relates to employee absenteeism and overall wellness. She will establish how some of the common conditions of lower back pain, neck pain and headaches occur in the context of our bad postures. This is an interactive presentation whereby Julie will show the common postural mistakes we make while at the desk, lifting items, driving and sleeping. A number of tips are offered that may be implemented immediately.

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