Ntokozo Madlala
Lecturer UKZN

Ntokozo Madlala

  Lecturer UKZN

  MA Drama and Lecturer UKZN

Topics Covered By Speaker:

  • Activity
  • Communication
  • Emotional Wellness and Stress Management
  • Empowerment
  • Finance

About Speaker

MA Drama

Lecturer UKZN

Ntokozo is a lecturer at the UKZN. She holds a Master’s Degree in Drama and Performance Studies from the University of Cape Town. Her area of expertise is in using Drama for education and social development purposes. Ntokozo has worked with many schools and orphanages in Pietermaritzburg to this end, and is passionate about fostering environments of learning and growth among individuals and communities. She is bubbly and energetic, and works well with people from all walks of life.

Speakers Topics

1. Zulu Dance: Stress release and team-building

Aim: To use Zulu song and dance as an exciting cultural experience, a fun way of relieving stress or a team-building exercise Motivation: Ever wondered how the Zulus perform this highly rhythmic foot stomping dance? This workshop is intended as a FUN cultural experience, for Zulus and non-Zulus alike. It can also be used as a challenging team-building exercise. If you are not Zulu, you will be taught the basics of Zulu dance and get to work with others in a team. If you are Zulu, you get to brush up on your skills and impress a few people at the office. You can also be challenged to balance skill and being a team player. It is also possible to split this into two workshops, one for fun and another for team-building. Outcomes: Cultural exchange, celebration, fun stress relief, team-building, developing listening skills.

2. Ice-breakers for positive work relationships and conversations

Aim: To cultivate a friendly atmosphere in the workplace. Break the ice in a way that enables people to have first conversations with one another, improving working relationships. Depending on how deep you want to go, this workshop can be offered as one or up to three workshops. Sometimes, the office space can be hostile; people’s performance can be hindered by the fear of the unknown or sense of mystery that surrounds colleagues in close proximity, whether seniors or peers. This may affect people’s ability to deliver their absolute best, especially in times of high pressure. People have an inherent need for relationship and recognition; this workshop intends to contribute towards individuals getting to know each other better.

3. What’s so wrong with being single?

Aim: To engage single people in a process of approaching singleness on their own terms and not be affected by society’s perceptions of them. Many people are insecure about their relationship status. Often singleness can be a traumatic experience that causes people to hide and not be their best. A stigma is attached to singleness and it can be crippling when one is not equipped with the tools to handle it. It is important that single people see themselves as valuable contributors to society and not shrink back because of society’s perceptions. This workshop is intended to be a neutral, thought-provoking conversation towards finding a healthy attitude towards oneself. Outcomes: Identifying some myths about singleness, how they affect our behaviour, and ways to build a healthy perception of ourselves. Constructing some truths about themselves and the kind of single people that they want to be. Seeing singleness as a healthy and sometimes necessary state of being, one that can have purpose.

4. Money-wise for Pyramid Schemes

Aim: Help people identify what the difference is between a pyramid scheme and a legitimate network marketing company. Motivation: A lot of people fall victim to the many pyramid schemes that emerge every single year in South Africa. People do not know the differences between a scheme and a regulated multi-level network business. They often fall into the trap of investing in Get-Rich-Quick schemes while thinking it’s a business. Lots of money and time is lost in the process and the outcome of these losses can be devastating, such as incidents of communities turning against each other. This workshop will provide some basic information around this topic and help equip individuals with some pyramid scheme-busting tools. Outcomes: Individuals who are confident pyramid scheme busters and can approach available opportunities with confidence and insight. Provide useful information for individuals to protect themselves.



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